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Volunteer in a beautiful guest house in Scotland


House of Mark is a guest house, a luxurious retreat of original character set in the magical Glenesk Scotland. House of Mark also has a self-catering cottage and hostel accommodation.

We seek students or students who have recently completed their degree to apply for one month’s vocational work experience. This is an exciting and interesting opportunity.

Over 400 students have visited House of Mark who tell us they have loved being here, many return. We arrange reunions all over the world, students visit other students from all over the world. There is a network of students on Facebook.

We usually have two to four students who stay for three to five weeks. We are situated in The Cairngorms National Park, in the heart of the Scottish Highlands. Our house is in a sleepy village and is very isolated offering very poor public transport.

Students work on Rotas normally starting at 09.00 and normally work four to six hours a day or as required we are guests driven.

The work required is very varied and you will have time to visit other parts of Scotland during your time here. The chores would consist mainly of helping with every aspect of running a guests’ house and maintain the guest satisfaction. Housekeeping is the main workload and we are quite fastidious in cleanliness. Apart from all the household chores, we have a dog who loves nothing more than being walked. So we hope you are an animal lover? We also have a large garden and gardening is always on the agenda. Help in this department is never refused.

You need to be fit and non-smoker and proactive with a good education and understand sufficient English to follow our requirements. In certain circumstances, we can assist students with travel costs.

Whilst working mobile phones cannot be used.  There is free use of the Internet at other times. The Internet is not suitable for download large files or streaming. the download speeds are not great.

We skype students to discuss the opportunities here and we prefer students to keep in contact prior to their visit. Initially, we require:

  • CV and details about you,
  • Full postal address,
  • A recent picture,
  • A contact number in case of emergency,
  • A scanned copy of your passport or identity card.

All emailed to We suggest you take out travel insurance.

In turn, we will put you into contact with past students and a WhatsApp group of students who will be here at the same time. We do not accept applications from smokers or students with special dietary requirements.

Ideally, we need to be aware of your medical details in case of any emergency.

There is a good relaxed atmosphere at House of Mark. We want the experience to be one you remember, students love being at House of Mark and we do our best for each of you to ensure you have a good time.


When you apply, it would be great if you could share which activities you are happy to do. Happily, we get a lot of offers from students, and it would be great to make sure that the work needed fits with what work people wish to do here.

Volunteering hours expected

4 to 6 hours per day

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