Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about House of Mark Volunteering? Here are a few answers that might help:

How long can I stay?

usually 3 to 5 weeks.

Do I have my own room?

It depends. Rooms are of 1, 2, and three people.

When do I work?

Every day but there is plenty of free time also.

Can I visit other areas of Scotland? 

Yes, we sometimes have students who for example stay at House of Mark for two weeks and then travel then return. We discuss each student’s requirements to fit in with our schedule.

Does House of Mark provide washing facilities for students?

Yes, we provide all toiletries.

What about the food?

We prefer to eat together so we can discuss what is required, we are guest driven. Remember we are flexible but we are also running a business so there are rules and requirements.

Is it allowed to smoke?

House of Mark does not accept any student who smokes.

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